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Services: Life Coaching

HLC offers life consulting (coaching ) services for adults parents and families.


Our Rates are very flexible. You can pay: 


life coaching

We are skilled in the area where:

  • The client needs direction (guiding, coping skills, to resolve different issues in their lives).

  • We help with balancing difficulties that interfere with feeling happy about one self.

  • The client needs guidance in continuing life after divorce, or balancing life after a crisis such as job loss, business loss, or any other difficulties in life.

  • We will help the clients to set the right goals, change behaviors, show how other people take their behavior and see the situation from a different perspective.

  • We will try to find out what the problem is and how to make things work.

  • We help reach a goal or make a change – get clear on what you want. Assess what is holding your back and take action.

  • We help with self-discovery and try to find achievable strategies that work.

  • We also help clients define what they want and challenge them to reach it.

  • We deal with parent-child relationships, adult relationships, friendships, stress, difficult people, difficult relationships and situations.

  • We also deal with difficult diagnoses that are hard to accept such as cancer.

  • We try to find ways how to avoid disappointment and put in balance all aspects in your life.

Of course, no two people will have the same issues; due to this, we take different aforementioned approaches for every client based on the individual’s case. However, not every situation can be resolved completely. We will do our best to achieve goals that are mutually agreed on. Sometimes there will be issues that cannot be solved, but we will do our best to make it better.

All prospective clients will have to sign a consent form and disclaimer form agreeing with company policy before the session begins.


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