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tackling some common life issues

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Dealing With Challenges of Immigration

Moving from your home county to a foreign one is rarely a smooth process. There are so many challenges associated with immigration including separating from your family and loved ones back at home, language barriers encountered in the new country, difficulties with proper healthcare, jobs and education. Immigrants may also experience misunderstandings that can make […]

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Dealing With Cancer Diagnosis

                  One of the most diagnosis an individual can ever receive is that of cancer. Cancer is a difficult illness that is very expensive and challenging to treat. Similarly, the treatment process can cause very severe health complications and it overwhelms many people. In that regard, helping people […]

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Insomnia is a condition that affects millions of people, both young and old. Many of those who suffer from insomnia do not know what causes the condition or how to treat it. At happy life consulting we will try to help you find factors that may trigger the problem of not sleeping and create a […]

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Do You Constantly Feel Tired?

Both physical and emotional health complement one another. At Happy Life Consulting, we will help you balance the two in order to avoid getting stressed and tired because of trying to handle so many affairs such as those pertaining to work, relationships, conflict resolution, and many more of life’s issues. We emphasize on strategies such […]

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Depression Is a Very Serious Problem in Today’s Life

The symptoms of depression are having constant bad mood, lack of energy, hopelessness, and a negative outlook on life. The condition affects millions of Americans every year. Depression can have a detrimental effect on one’s life and it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of depression, what causes it and how to fight […]

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Why Happiness Is Hiding From Us?

People have different definitions of happiness. To some, happiness equals good health, a happy family, a well-paying job, riches, or having many friends. To others, it is a combination of all those factors. What is common to all human beings, though, is that nobody desires a sad, unhappy life. Unfortunately, and in this modern day, […]

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How To Teach A Child To Control Themselves

When a child is born, he/she is considered a blessing. A child is a symbol of joy for most families and all the attention is focused towards them, especially at infancy. They are adorable, beautiful, and fun to be around. However, as children grow up, especially as they approach the age of five, they may […]

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Punishing A Child Or Not – What Is Better?

Should I punish my child or not? This is a question many parents battle with on a daily basis. There are many theories surrounding this topic. Some argue that punishment will help the child develop positive behaviors while others are of the opinion that punishment can create rifts between child and parent. At Happy Life […]

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What To Do With A Child Who Throws Tantrums

One of the greatest challenges many parents face is how to deal with a child who through tantrums and threatens to become wild and aggressive. In fact, many parents may considers such behavior to be a sign of illness and may be stressed by the kind of action to take when their children become unruly. […]

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Important Steps On What To Do When Troubles Happen Unexpectedly

    People react differently when trouble happens unexpectedly. Occurrences such as serious accidents, robbery or assault, loss of money or valuable items, and many other troubling scenarios can cause people to become anxious, while others becomes stressed. On the other hands, some people are barely moved by trouble. There are some reactions that can have a negative […]

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