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Dealing With Challenges of Immigration


Moving from your home county to a foreign one is rarely a smooth process. There are so many challenges associated with immigration including separating from your family and loved ones back at home, language barriers encountered in the new country, difficulties with proper healthcare, jobs and education. Immigrants may also experience misunderstandings that can make creation and sustaining of new relationships difficult.

Here at Happy Life Consulting, we have worked with hundreds of foreigners immigrating into the country and we strive to help them transition smoothly and navigate the challenges experienced in the new country. We will help the immigrants to adapt faster to any challenges have to experience as well as difficult situations and stress they are going through. We will also help with the language barriers and any type of difficulties or difficult relationships immigrants may experience at work  with in their families, with their children, with relatives and friends, and in the schools or colleges they may be studying in.

Anna Axelrod MS, MSW

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