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Adorable Sneaky Animals Stealing Things Compilation

These pets are probably more sneaky than we’ll ever be, and much, much more adorable while at it. Funny!

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Insomnia is a condition that affects millions of people, both young and old. Many of those who suffer from insomnia do not know what causes the condition or how to treat it. At happy life consulting we will try to help you find factors that may trigger the problem of not sleeping and create a […]

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Do You Constantly Feel Tired?

Both physical and emotional health complement one another. At Happy Life Consulting, we will help you balance the two in order to avoid getting stressed and tired because of trying to handle so many affairs such as those pertaining to work, relationships, conflict resolution, and many more of life’s issues. We emphasize on strategies such […]

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Depression Is a Very Serious Problem in Today’s Life

The symptoms of depression are having constant bad mood, lack of energy, hopelessness, and a negative outlook on life. The condition affects millions of Americans every year. Depression can have a detrimental effect on one’s life and it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of depression, what causes it and how to fight […]

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Mr. Bean-At The Dentist

Some experiences at the dentist can be quite horrifying, while others can turn out quite funny!

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Mr. Bean At A Restaurant

Have you ever had such an experience in a restaurant? Disclaimer: VERY FUNNY!

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Mr. Bean-Restaurant

Here are a few funny tips you can borrow on how to conduct yourself in a restaurant.

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Funny Judo Class

If you thought judo is all about following the rules strictly while busy tackling or being tackled, well, you thought wrong. Or so the video below suggests. Be happy Anna Axelrod – MS, MSW  

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The Healing Power of Dogs

Check out this funny video of a Dalmatian riding a bike. Be happy

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Why Happiness Is Hiding From Us?

People have different definitions of happiness. To some, happiness equals good health, a happy family, a well-paying job, riches, or having many friends. To others, it is a combination of all those factors. What is common to all human beings, though, is that nobody desires a sad, unhappy life. Unfortunately, and in this modern day, […]

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