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Dealing With Challenges of Immigration

Moving from your home county to a foreign one is rarely a smooth process. There are so many challenges associated with immigration including separating from your family and loved ones back at home, language barriers encountered in the new country, difficulties with proper healthcare, jobs and education. Immigrants may also experience misunderstandings that can make […]

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Dealing With Cancer Diagnosis

                  One of the most diagnosis an individual can ever receive is that of cancer. Cancer is a¬†difficult illness that is very expensive and challenging to treat. Similarly, the treatment process can cause very severe health complications and it overwhelms many people. In that regard, helping people […]

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Kids’ Funny Notes

If you think you’re good at expressing yourself, then you haven’t met these kids. Funny! Note 1 “Dear Brody, Miss. P made me write you this note. All I want to say sorry for is not being sorry cause I tried to feel sorry but I don’t.” Liam Note 2 “Dear Mrs. McMahon, You are […]

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